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I am a teaching conductor who loves the rehearsal process and the discovery of an ensemble’s best sound. The variety of possible sounds and the pursuit of perfect harmonies demands a flexibility and pedagogy from conductor and singer alike. I program for relevance and partner robustly – within and beyond the arts. I ask for my singers to bring their poet, athlete, activist, and community-oriented self to each rehearsal and everything we sing.


I want my students to be better masters, not better mimics. To have a malleable, actionable understanding of concepts that allow them to be consciously unfinished – ready and excited to learn “what’s now possible.” I love the synthesis of ideas from a variety of disciplines and use them to offer multiple pathways to understanding. Read more about my teaching philosophy here. 


Singing is where I began. I started in opera and classical music but loved what else the voice could do and how more intimate performing spaces felt more connected to what was important to me. I formed a theater company to foster productions that could keep breaking that fourth wall and put art to work in the community. And I teach singers in both contemporary and traditional styles.

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