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Mystery, Wonder, Birth & Light

Saturday, December 1, 2018 7:00 p.m.
Sunday, December 2, 2018 3:00 p.m.
with portions of this program also presented at the
Leavenworth Christmas Lighting Festival on December 8th from 12:30-1:30pm

MUSIC AND RECORDINGS - presented in concert order (excluding pieces sung only by hired SSAA quartet)

Alle Psallite Cum Luya/Round and Round the Earth is Turning

13th Century Conductus/Traditional English Folk Tune, arr. Jennifer Rodgers/Clif Hardin


Rehearsal Recordings:     

S     A     T     B


  sing with luya (a joyful babble)

  resounding loudly sing with luya
  with heart devoted all to God sing with luya

Nowell Sing We

15th Century English Carol.,  arr. Jennifer Rodgers

Performance Recording (not exactly our arrangement in voicing and verses, but the overall idea)

Rehearsal Recordings:    

S     A     T     B 

O Come All Ye Faithful

17th Century Latin Hymn., attributing. John Wade,  arr. Jennifer Rodgers

Rehearsal Recordings:     

Coming soon!


Traditional French Burgundian Carol, arr. David Conte

Performance Recording

Rehearsal Recordings      

S1 Slow     S1 Tempo

S2 Slow     S2 Tempo

Alto (Whole Part) Slow

Alto (Whole Part) Tempo

Altos Middle Part  mm. 40-52

Tenor Slow     Tenor Tempo

Basses Slow    Basses Tempo

O Magnum Mysterium  

de Victoria

Performance Recording


   O great mystery, and wonderful sacrament, that animals should see the new-born Lord, lying in a manger!

   Blessed is the Virgin whose womb was worthy to bear the Lord, Jesus Christ. Alleluia!

Rehearsal Recordings:

S     A     T                                   

We Three Kings

J.H. Hopkins,  additional music and arr. Darmon Meader

Performance Recordings:

  This choir sings it the best, but it's in Slavic!

  This choir sings it the best in English, but it's a little too fast!

Rehearsal Recordings:     

S1     S2     A     T     B


Three Kings From Persian Lands

Cornelius-Nicolai, arr. Wolff

Performance Recording (not our arrangement in voicing, but to get the idea of how the chorus and solo go together)

Rehearsal Recordings:     

S     A     T     B  

Silver Bells

Livingston and Evans., arr. Rodgers

Rehearsal Recordings:

Coming soon!


Leontovych, arr. Hughes

Performance Recording

Rehearsal Recordings:     

S     A1     A2 

T/B High

T singing middle

B singing middle

T/B Low

O Magnum Mysterium  

Ivo Antognini

Performance Recording

Rehearsal Recordings:     

S     A     T     B   

The Promise of Light  

Georgia Stitt

Performance Recording  (not the best, but all that is out there!)

Rehearsal Recordings:     

S     A     T     B 

See, Amid the Winter's Snow  

Goss, arr. Dan Forrest

Performance Recording (more like our experience with piano)

Here's a lovely recording of the piece with orchestra (starting about :50)

Rehearsal Recordings (sorry the held notes are so annoying! I didn't make these!)

    Soprano 1

    Soprano 2            

    Alto 1

    Alto 2 (you will also take the T1 note in mm. 81-84)            

    Tenor (unison except in mm. 81-84, where you will sing T2)        

    Bass 1 (same as Bass 2 except last 3 measures)

    Bass 2 (same as Bass 1 except last 3 measures)          

Jingle Bells

Pierpont, arr. Howorth

Rehearsal Recordings:     

S     A     T     B

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