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Will Sing for Food: Concert for the Hungry and Homeless

Sunday, June 16, 2019 at 3:00 p.m.


NOTE: remember to try downloading a link if you have trouble listening to it.





MUSIC, NOTES, AND PERFORMANCE RECORDINGS - presented in tentative concert order


Amoa, Amarfio, Bailey, Bedeau, Osei, Richardson, Tontoh, Transcribed by Ysaye Barnwell

Sheet Music

No performance recording available

NOTES: We will MEMORIZE this piece!

Solos will be available to begin the piece (all voice ranges)

Wayfaring Stranger

Sacred Harp #457, arr. Dye

Sheet Music

Performance Recording

NOTES: The first verse represents the shape note names that you saw on the music in your original music packet. To save us time, I've written them out in this version (handed out at rehearsal) and using normal notation.

Poor Wayfarin’ Stranger

Traditional, arr. Newbury

Sheet Music

No performance recording of this arrangement is available.

NOTES: No splits until the last 5 measures. On the word "home," Alto 1 jump up to take the soprano note. Sopranos jump up to the descant line and split to sing that last phrase. 


Sleeping at Last/O’Neal, arr. Chung

Sheet Music 

Performance Recording


     Sopranos enter for the first time at the pick up to m. 25.

     Altos: begin in m. 8. In m. 25, A1 to alto line and there for the rest of the piece.

     Alto 2 to tenor line for mm. 25-32, then up to alto line. Down to tenor again for mm. 55-67.

     Tenors: a few voices will double the melody with the sopranos for mm. 25-33 and mm. 52-67. MOST tenors will sing the 

     B1 part from mm. 25-32 and mm. 55-67.

     Basses will split into B1 and B2 as marked.

Ffe Mwe, Mwe Ffe (SSAA)  


Sheet Music

Performance Recording                           

NOTES:  Refer to the splits document above for which part you will learn exactly.

Solo opportunity from mm. 36-53. Any S/A voice part.


Esto Les Digo (Ensemble)


Sheet Music

Performance Recording  (SSAA). Here is an SATB recording of the same piece with better quality.

NOTES:  Refer to the splits document above for which part you will learn exactly. I would like to perform this as small groups of 4-6 around the auditorium. So, learn it as though you will be part of a much smaller group! 

Solo at the end - high, light soprano in mm. 41-47.

Hard Times Come Again No More

Foster, arr. Ward

Sheet Music 

No performance recording of this arrangement available.



Sheet Music

Performance Recording


     Solo opportunities on the first page - one treble and one lower voice.

     We will sing on neutral syllables - just learn on something that is comfortable.

     Chorus parts start on the pick-up to m. 17 (lower three lines)

     Soprano 1 part in mm. 39-41 will be sung by just a few voices that are very comfortable with those notes.




Sheet Music

Performance Recording


     Tenors and basses will be in a three-part split for all of this piece. (See the link to the three-part split document

     at the top of this page. Part A (highest) will begin at m. 8, Part B at. m. 18 and Part C at m. 32.

     Altos will split into 1 and 2 as marked beginning at m. 33.

     Sopranos are in a 3-part split. See the document above for exact assignments.

     Possible solo at the beginning for any voice type

Sound of Silence

Simon, arr. Metis

Sheet Music 

Performance Recording - no acceptable recording is available for this arrangement!

NOTES: No splits. Sing SATB as written.

Lunar Lullaby


Sheet Music

Performance Recording and here is the same piece where you can follow with the sheet music

NOTE: This has splits in all parts, but we will try splitting within each section. No hopping around!

Light of a Clear Blue Morning

Parton, arr. Johnson

Sheet Music

Performance Recording and here is the original recording of this arrangement from Conspirare.

NOTES: Splits in each section for mm. 32-35. On pages 9-10, ignore the SSA ensemble line and learn the SATB parts.

Solo all the way through this piece - I will consider all voice parts.


Shed a Little Light (solo/small group) - TBD after we get started. COMING SOON.

Taylor, arr. Rodgers

Sheet Music

Performance Recording    



Change of Heart

Near, Scott, Nakamoto, arr. Milloy

Sheet Music

No performance recording is available for this arrangement.

NOTES: mm. 99-106 - alto 2s will take the solo line (down an octave). Alto 1 stay on the choral alto part.

Grace Before Sleep


Sheet Music

Performance Recording - Luther Choir that stays completely on pitch but sings with a straighter tone.


     Basses:  at m. 11 (4th beat on "grateful") some of you will move up to the tenor line and take the T2 notes through m. 20.

     At m. 22, stay on the bass line and split B1/B2 as marked until m. 38. Mm. 45-49 B1 on T2 and low basses on bass line.

     Mm. 49 - basses split on bass line.

     Tenors: at m. 22, a few T1 (same as those who took the upper line on North) sing T1 with a few low altos through m. 44.

     Most tenors will sing T2 from  mm. 22- 44 . M. 45-48 all tenors on T1. Mm. 49-50. Few T1 on T1 with low altos and most

     tenors on T2.

     Altos: Most altos split A1/A2 as marked throughout. A small group of altos will take the T1 line at mm. 22-44 and 49-50.

Stand in the River


Sheet Music

Performance Recording (close enough to get the idea - there is more in this than we will sing). 


     Solo opportunity for mm. 60-74 - any voice considered.

     Soprano - mm. 60-74 move to the alto line.

     Basses - mm. 60-74 join the tenors on their line.

     ALL - We will memorize mm. 89-end and walk out through the aisles.

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